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Welcome to Openx Demo

Openxdemo.com provides demos for all custom services you will find in openxservices.com.


New to OpenX

New to OpenX? We will help you out in Installing OpenX in your server along with plug-ins on your demand and We will train you to use the software more effectively to increase your revenue.


mJAX mobile ads for Openx

“mJAX mobile ads” is used for delivering ads in handset devices effectively based on handset device screen size targeting functionality so there is an increased more attraction on advertiser products. It helps you to deliver the ads to right auidence at anytime and anywhere. Learn More>>


dJAX Ad network for Openx

The “dJAX Ad network package for OpenX ” adds the self management features and the billing functionalities like any other Ad network to the OpenX Ad Server. It was designed with the needs of publishers, advertisers of ad networks in Consideration. Learn More>>


dJAX Ad Server for Openx Publishers

The dJAX Ad Server Package for Publishers adds the self management features for the Advertisers and the billing functionalities like any other Ad network. It was designed with the needs of publishers in Consideration to automatism of the system and reduces the Manual work. Learn More>>

URL Encode Module for Openx

URL Encode for Openx, performs parameter Encode for the Openx Ad Server delivery engine url parameter values into a format that can be transmitted over the Internet which cannot be understood or parsed by any third party tools. Learn More>>